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The South Sudanese Diaspora Network for Reconciliation and Peace (SSDNRP) in collaboration with AFRECS is announcing its upcoming conference:

Uniting the Diaspora to Act for Peace

Friday, August 30 - Sunday, September 1, 2019
Grace Episcopal Church
Lexington, VA

Please open this conference invitation for further details and to register.

Caring for Orphans in South Sudan

VIDEO: For the past three years AFRECS has worked closely with Bishop John Gattek and the Diocese of Bentiu to support orphans and unaccompanied children at a camp near Juba. One hundred and fifty boys and girls, each having lost at least one parent in the civil war, are now part of a school where they can find healing and hope. AFRECS’ support provides a tangible ministry to the children through education, a steady diet, and clothing.