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Pray for Sudan

    O God, we pray that the peace that only you can bestow will manifest itself throughout South Sudan and Sudan as millions of souls seek relief from relentless violence. 

     May those throughout both nations who have been indifferent and  hostile to your reconciling spirit be awakened to your voice pleading for acts of forgiveness and compassion instead of revenge and war. 

    May the peace makers be strengthened in their efforts to bring healing and reconciliation so that those who are suffering may know that the balm of Christian love and forgiveness is available to them. 

    May we who pray for peace in both Sudans not grow weary in our plea that a new day of peace and safety will descend upon these war weary nations. 

    May the forces that sometimes divide us as people of faith be set aside as we seek the common ground where all that matters is our commitment to the Gospel of Christ and its message of peace and forgiveness.