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About Us: The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan

The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans, founded in 2005, is a network of individuals, churches, dioceses, and other organizations that seeks to focus attention on the needs and priorities of the Episcopal Church of Sudan of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSS&S) and enable American friends to assist the ECSS&S in meeting the needs of the Sudanese people.

What AFRECS Does

  • Fosters a network of people and organizations interested in assisting, and being in relationship with, our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSS&S); works to strengthen this network and enhance its effectiveness in responding to the needs of the people of Sudan.
  • Provides information on relationships that now exist between U.S. partners – Episcopal parishes, dioceses and organizations – and Sudanese partners – dioceses and the Province of the ECSS&S, and on the projects and activities undertaken through them; works to encourage the formation of new relationships between U.S. and Sudanese partners.
  • Carries out advocacy work, in collaboration with other non-profits, on behalf of peace and justice in Sudan.
  • Maintains an up-to-date website that provides timely information on the needs and concerns of the ECSS&S and makes it available to a worldwide audience; includes on the website information on mission trips to Sudan, visits by Sudanese to the U.S., project proposals from ECSS&S entities, and ways to support our friends in the ECSS&S.
  • Encourages visits to ECSS&S dioceses and the provincial office in Sudan; provides information on travel logistics and the "how to’s" of initiating a visit.
  • Offers conferences and symposia to inform AFRECS members and other interested parties on issues facing the church in Sudan.
  • Publishes a newsletter focusing on developments in the ECSS&S, cooperative endeavors between Episcopalians in the U.S. and Sudan, and AFRECS initiatives.

The AFRECS Charter

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Our Board of Directors

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