AFRECS E-Blast: December 21, 2016

Message from Executive Director, Richard Parkins: 
Call to prayer and action on behalf of the people and the church in South Sudan
“We are days, not weeks or months, away from massive genocide in South Sudan”
-Cameron Hudson, Director of the Simon Skodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide, US Holocaust Museum
South Sudan is at risk of genocide, according to the United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide. A steady process of ethnic cleansing is underway in several areas of the country, through starvation, gang rape and the burning of villages, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights warned in South Sudan last week. In the wake of the de-facto collapse of the 2015 peace deal, new action is needed urgently to prevent further deterioration in South Sudan’s humanitarian, political, economic and security crises.  At least a third of all South Sudanese are Episcopalians.

Families fleeing fighting in and around the town of Bor are seeking refuge under the shade of any available tree on the other side of the river Nile from their home.
Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons/OxFam/Geoff Pugh
What you can do:  Prayer, Learn, Act

Go to

Familiarize yourself with the situation.  Go to to watch the December 6 hearing at the US Institute for Peace (USIP) and the panel of experts, Members of Congress and the UN discuss the dire needs and possible actions.  Go to and click in the upper right corner to read the latest e-blast and more about how the Episcopal Church is involved and how you can partner with others in this great humanitarian crisis.

After you have watched the YouTube of the USIP meeting, contact the White House and the offices of your Members of Congress.  You need to stress the following:
  • Connect with the Hon. Thomas J. Rooney, Florida,  and the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Sudan and South Sudan, House of Representatives
  • Support an arms embargo against all parties in South Sudan
  • Enforce targeted sanctions policy against key government/political leaders to create pressure on the chief architects of the ward to come to negotiations, realizing that there is no longer profit from the war.
  • Encourage a diplomatic surge even as the Obama terms ends, suggesting at that a special envoy in addition to the one we have, be designated just to focus on peace making.
  • Encourage the development of a hybrid court as that is the only mechanism out there that comes close to extracting any accountability from these perpetrators of human rights violations. 
For more information contact Richard Parkins, AFRECS Executive Director,

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Dear Friends,
Thank you for your interest, your prayers, and your support. We will return in the New Year to continue informing our readers and advocating for our friends in South Sudan and Sudan. Meanwhile, with prayers for peace, we urge you to take the action as outlined above. Also, we invite you to visit our Website:
Ellen J. Hanckel
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