AFRECS: American
            Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan

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Pray for

PRAY — For your ministry and ours, for South Sudan, Sudan and the World.

                              others about Sudan.

TEACH — others about South Sudan and Sudan, their importance and challenges.

                              with others to aid Sudan.

PARTNER — Work with others in your parish, online, and in South Sudan and Sudan.

                              others to help Sudan.

URGE — how to advocate for a U.S. policy supporting peace and stability in South Sudan and Sudan

Give what
                              you've been given.

GIVE — What you can in terms of time, talent, and treasure.

                              about Sudan.

LEARN — Learn about South Sudan and Sudan and the role of the Episcopal Church.

The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans, founded in 2005, is a network of individuals, churches, dioceses, and other organizations that seeks to focus attention on the needs and priorities of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) and enable American friends to assist the ECSS in meeting the needs of the Sudanese people.

AFRECS works to advance peace and stability in South Sudan and Sudan, seeking to amplify the voices of Sudanese Christians and, through prayer, to catch the movement of the Holy Spirit in the churches in our countries.

AFRECS works to enhance communication and synergy among Episcopal dioceses, parishes, and other organizations working in relationship with dioceses in Sudan or seeking to do so. AFRECS also promotes and facilitates the development of new relationships between U.S. and South Sudanese and Sudanese partners.

Support AFRECS at no cost to you with every purchase you make by going to, setting AFRECS as your designated charitable organization and shopping through that portal.  Amazon Smile will automatically make a donation to AFRECS based on your purchase, without charging you.